Helping a wild bird in need

If you find an injured or sick bird, please get in touch with one of the Rescue Centres throughout Andalucía. We have arranged the Rescue Centres per Province (including the Crea Centres).
Many birds/animals can be helped if your actions are taken promptly.

This column will be a new feature to address the subject of helping a wild bird in need; printed to coincide with the launch of our new ABS “Bird Rescue Centres” Online Directory. The aim being, to familiarise the rescuer with an informative guide for common rescue scenarios and bird welfare.

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Handling and Care  Birds will usually be more comfortable with their wings held against their bodies; feet supported. Think about the size of the bird before you attempt to handle it: Small birds: Can be firmly held in one hand, positioning ...
A wild bird’s life is full of dangers and it’s not uncommon to find an injured bird. Proceed as follows: To catch the bird, throw a towel or blanket over it so it’s easier to lift it from the floor ...
Observe the Bird Be sure that it really does require medical attention. The situation is mostly clear with visible injuries like wounds, bites, or broken bones. In general birds make a quick escape if humans come too close to them ...

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