Swift – The Bird of the Wind

Andalusia is packed full of beautiful towns and mountain villages usually surrounded by a pristine natural habitat and full of old-world romance. The Arab whitewashed hamlets of the south where an enchanting world of Moorish charm awaits visitors who travel off the beaten path. These … Continue readingSwift – The Bird of the Wind

Global Bird Weekend – Join ABS Team for this event

We are proud, as a Society, to be once again supporting Global Birding for their upcoming ‘Global Bird Weekend’. The event for 2021 is in support of Birdlife International’s appeal for their project to protect wetlands and migratory birds, an extremely important conservation project for … Continue readingGlobal Bird Weekend – Join ABS Team for this event

Conservation and your Society

The Andalucia Bird Society involves itself directly in a number of conservation projects within our region. We proudly support these projects financially to the tune of thousands of euros. In addition we provide logistical, technical, scientific and professional assistance where required. These are not ‘our’ … Continue readingConservation and your Society

Industrial and intensive Olive Plantations an environmental disaster

Until now, EU or national policies have not promoted, at a general level, either sustainable olive farming or the effective integration of environmental concerns into the sector. Recommendations have been made, but not followed by those responsible for the continuing unfettered assault on our fauna … Continue readingIndustrial and intensive Olive Plantations an environmental disaster