Society Statutes

A copy of the original Spanish version of the Society Statutes titled “Estatutos Asociación Andalucía Bird Society 09_2017” can be downloaded here.

A copy of an English translation of the Society´s Statutes titled BYLAWS OF THE “ANDALUCIA BIRD SOCIETY” can be downloaded here.

Any current and fully paid-up member wishing further information or has queries related to either of the Statutes listed above should mark them for the attention of the Secretary and address them to the Society’s email –


The Society´s General Assemblies can agree additional Bylaws as long as the process of agreement obeys that described in the original Statutes. Once they are agreed the Bylaws become part of the Statutes

Below are additional Bylaws that have become part of the original Statutes.


The following by-law was proposed by the Committee and unanimously agreed by the voting Members at the Society Assembly held on January 18th 2014.

The Andalucia Bird Society (Society) cannot be held responsible by a Society Member for any personal accident or material loss or damage including medical repatriation and Society Members are advised and accept that they must be responsible for their own insurance in respect of the said risks.

Any person that is not a Member of the Andalucia Bird Society that wishes to attend a Field Meeting or any other Society event must sign a document agreeing to the above Indemnity bylaw before being allowed to attend.

On January 18th 2014 the above bylaw became part of the Society´s Statutes and applies to all Society Members.