Officers of ABS

President – Peter Jones

Peter Jones, author, naturalist, co-founder of Spanish Nature, Worldwide Birding Tours and founder of the Andalucia Bird Society. Peter has been involved in a great many environmental projects and has had several works published over many years. Peter has a passion for birds, having also been involved in scientific research into birds for over 45 years, but his many interests also extend to flora and fauna. Peter has lived in Spain since 2003.

john books
Vice President (Chairman) – John Brooks

I moved to Spain on retirement from international management business 16 years ago and took the opportunity to renew my interest in birding, living initially in Madrid before moving to Sabinillas on the Costa del Sol.
I have travelled extensively throughout Spain as well as worldwide birding and have organised tours for friends.  I would describe myself as a social birder, definitely not a twitcher.

Secretary – Jacki Gittins

Born and raised in Cheshire, now living part time in Solihull and part time on the sunny Costa del Sol. Jacki’s interest in birds was sparked by a webcam trained on the infamous Loch Garten osprey nest.
She volunteers her time at various locations in the West Midlands to monitor and ring birds.
Joining the ABS has brought a whole new dimension to her birdwatching in fantastic locations with incredibly knowledgable and friendly people.

Janet Dixon
Treasurer – Janet Dixon

Janet Dixon has been Managing Director of a Consultancy firm in the UK for 30 years. Now semi-retired, with time to indulge my passion for the natural world and bird watching in particular.

Membership Secretary – Robert Wright

Bob has always had an interest in birds and birding. However, he found more time for birding over a twenty-five year period as a qualified ringer for the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), concentrating mainly on woodland and garden birds plus the annual Barn Swallow and winter finch and thrush roosts. Bob is now our Membership Secretary.

Field Trips – Frank Hair

Frank has been watching birds for most of his life, he started when he was 8 years old when he moved from London to south Devon. He has lived in Spain since 2006 and has found some of the best birding sites in his area. His passion for birds is a joy to others at any level of birding.

Webmaster – Pieter Verheij

Pieter is a nature photographer and owner of a nature tour company. Although he enjoys general nature, his great passion is birds and bird photography. Pieter’s passion for birds frequently takes him to exotic places in the world, but he is always the first to admit that Andalucia still holds his interest more than anywhere else in the world. A native of Holland, Pieter is bi-lingual and a great organiser, his attention to detail is what makes him so successful a nature tour operator

Conservation Liaison – Álvaro Peral

Passionate about everything that moves since his childhood. Álvaro is a flexible and knowledgeable local wildlife guide who decided to give up a brilliant career as a civil engineer to share his love and knowledge of birds and Nature in 2015. Álvaro enjoys not just birds, but a whole wildlife experience in an easy-going atmosphere. Besides Spanish, he speaks perfect English and French.