Wader Conservation World Watch 31st Oct – 1st November

ONLY 2 days to go to our Wader Conservation World Watch. Can you get out this weekend and help count local waders for our special wader weekend? Visit our website for more details here on Wader Quest.
Double-banded Plover
A Double-banded Plover, one of the many wader species that will be seen this worldwide wader count weekend.
With 48% of known wader/shorebird populations in decline; 6 wader species are already Extinct; 8 wader species are Critically Endangered; 4 of those are probably already Extinct; 9 wader species are Endangered (2 added to the list recently); 9 wader species are Vulnerable; 29 wader species are Near threatened (6 added to the list recently); the Yellow Sea is being devastated; 80% of UK Northern Lapwings have disappeared; the Spoon-billed Sandpiper is heading for extinction; hay meadow nesting chicks are being destroyed by early mowing; thousands of waders are still hunted every year; Hooded Plovers still can’t find a place on the beach to breed; wetlands are being drained at an astounding rate; 97% of Irish breeding Eurasian Curlews have gone; Black Stilts only cling to existence due to captive breeding; Stand up and say #icare
Southern Lapwing
Southern Lapwing, okay, not on our radar in Andalucia, but we can see Lapwing this weekend, will you join in the fun and send a wader count to Wader Quest?
If you would like to contribute to citizen science projects in addition to sending your records to us then feel free to sign up to any of the following:
Article: Rick and Elis Simpson
Photos: Rick and Elis Simpson
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