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Black RedstartMuch like our spring birding, this autumn has seen lockdown and restrictions of movement impacting on our ability to bird as and where we would like. However, there can be little doubt these restrictions are necessary as the pandemic has seen more cases reported throughout the region.

White Wagtail
A curious look from a White Wagtail from a bird increasing in and around my local patch for the winter.

For me it has been a return to counting my bird species choosing to visit my local patch, a restricted habitat, but a count to date of 32 species has rewarded my efforts. I did attempt to get other members involved in this little bit of fun by posting it on our ABS Facebook page, take a look if you have time and try to join in.

Of course, the return to lockdown and restrictions on movement, yet again has a detrimental effect on businesses throughout the region. Our affiliated members involved in hospitality, guiding and various other nature activities have been hit particularly hard. A great many will be extremely concerned for their future and how they might make ends meet if this continues.

Approved Guides
Some of our ABS Approved Guides

As a Society we assigned a membership type for these businesses, Affiliated Member. We have dedicated web pages for accommodation and guides, with the recent addition of a page listing ‘Various Nature related service’.  I know members do use these services and certainly all have the advantage of supporting fellow members.

Please do consider using those products offered by our members, it can make a difference to their futures and at the same time provide you with an unforgettable experience. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Article: Peter Jones
Photos: Peter Jones

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