General Assembly to be held on January 21st 2023

IMPORTANT Field Meeting and EGA/OGA January 21st 2023

Important Note: Preceding the OGA we will be holding a separate EGA to appoint a new officer, please see details after the field meeting description. We would appreciate as many members as possible attend this important meeting. Thank you.

Field Meeting description:
We start our day with a visit the famous birding hotspot Llanos de Libar in the Serranía de Ronda during our morning’s birding, a fantastic area and not just for birds, the area is stunning with its varied habitats and high mountains. We will then head down for the lunch break and meet at Venta La Vega where we will also hold our Ordinary General Meeting and give detailed breakdown on our end of year financial report and proposed budget for 2023. During the OGM we will give up to date information on our current and future involvement in Conservation. During any other business members can ask questions and hopefully get answers to any queries or concerns they may have involving you Society. Afterwards it will be back to birding as we visit the Rio Guadiaro valley. Some great birding and a chance to not only see our mountain birds, but also chat about our work as a Society, it is always fun for those who attend, birding and a meeting of friends. Please do join us, we would love to see as many members Ordinary General Assembly jan 2024 on the day. Details, meeting point and booking form here.

Documents for the meetings of the EGA and OGA can be viewed by following the links below:

Agenda Ordinary General Assembly jan 2023

Agenda Extraordinary General Assembly jan 2023

Minutes Extraordinary General Assembly, August 2022

ABS net value 2022. Budget 2023 

ABS Financial results comparison 2021, 2022, 2023

ABS – Membership development over 2022

ABS Conservation Budget History 2021 to the present day

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