Covid-19 and ABS

We guess all of us now are in the same boat, no matter where you may live it is likely you are in lockdown, confined to your home with little or no chance to go birding.

Birding now will be limited to the garden, from a balcony or even from a window. Some members are putting garden lists of species seen on our Facebook page, a way of indulging in some good fun and having an interchange of comments and encouragement between members. Posting their lists and sometimes photographs is providing some light relief.

Watch nearby perching places and the sky for this migrant during April

It is a good time to explore how we can use our time in a positive way, a little home decorating or repairs, tend to the flower boxes or garden, build a nest box, write an article for our magazine, catch-up on reading those books we always intended to read or maybe just think about how we might help each other through these difficult times.

Being in isolation in these times doesn’t have to mean being cut off from one another. Technology allows us to use means to communicate with one another, Skype a family member, email or just get in touch by commenting on social media posts. We can so easily reach out to each other.

Why not visit us on our various social media pages? Leave a comment or post yourself, we would love to hear from you all. Perhaps suggest how we can help members more, suggest subjects for an article, volunteer an article, or just get in touch.

We hope you are all remaining safe and well, and please we really do look forward to hearing from you. See ABS Social Media pages below, why not just click and say hello.

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