Approved Wildlife Guides. Part 4

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All our professional wildlife guides are approved by and are members of our Society. Individually and collectively, they are a valued and important part of ABS. Many will be known to members who have already used their guiding services or have been guided by them on our monthly field meetings. Most have also contributed articles to our quarterly magazine ‘Birds of Andalucía’. All our guides give their time for our official ABS field meetings free of charge.

We believe they are the best wildlife guides in the region and a day spent in their company offers a rare chance to enjoy all aspects of our wild places under their expert guidance and knowledgeable company. Without exception a day spent with them is not only enlightening, but great fun too. All are at ease with the beginner or the more experienced wildlife enthusiast. Whatever your level of experience your day with them will enrich and further your understanding of our native fauna and flora.

In this series we introduce you all to our ABS approved professional guides and each part of this series goes into detail for 3 guides. We will be introducing 3 others in Part 5 soon.

Yeray Seminario

Together with Javi Elorriaga, Yeray is the co-founder of Birding the Strait. He is a qualified wildlife veterinarian and has worked extensively as a field biologist in several countries. Leading many tours overseas, his experience is far reaching and alongside being a leading conservationist, he is also a talented photographer. Yeray is one of those rare characters that is able to put others at their ease and enjoy his company as one of the region’s finest birders, always helpful and ready to explain the nuances of bird identification and habits. All ABS guides are comfortable with fellow birders irrespective of their level of expertise, and Yeray is no exception, his easy-going nature makes for a great day in his company. For further details see here.




Manuel Morales

Manuel will be well known to many of our members as a founder of one of the important conservation projects we support involving Montagu’s Harrier. Manuel’s knowledge had its beginnings with his experience as a student of environmental sciences and later teaching zoology for the University of Huelva. He is also involved in leading education courses for local schools to raise awareness of nature in the areas surrounding Tarifa. Manuel has been a wildlife guide and leading nature tours since 2012 establishing one of the leading tour operators in the region ‘Birding Tarifa’. He is a qualified bird ringer and his local knowledge concerning the bird life of La Janda and the Cádiz Province in general is second to none. An excellent days birding is guaranteed in his company. For further details see here.






Inglorious Bustards

The company comprises of the duo Simon and Niki. Originating from the UK, where both worked for the RSPB on migratory species and landscape scale conservation. They are based in the Tarifa area and their tour business also takes them to far away destinations including The Gambia, Senegal and beyond. They are of course immersed in tours specialising in migration based around the famous flyway of the Strait of Gibraltar. Simon and Niki run extensive day tours and short breaks throughout the province of Cádiz, where they offer tours for birders at any level of experience. They aim at tours that are relaxed whilst exploring both birding and wildlife in general, yet also providing the visitor with an insight into the delights of local cuisine and culture. For further details see here.


We hope you can support our Approved Professional Wildlife GuidesWe will be posting Part 5 soon and this will feature Juan Martín Bermúdez, Antonio Pestana and Neil A Hill.

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