Affiliated ABS members suffering during the lockdown

Friends and members don’t need me or anyone else reminding them how frustrating the current lockdown is due to this infernal pandemic. We will be experiencing all kinds of inconveniences, muddling through as best as we can and making the best of a bad situation. Staying safe and healthy is the priority for all of us. Hopefully the token birding on offer from our windows, balcony or garden is providing some light relief.

Lockdown has had an adverse effect on our magazine too. Together with contributors, advertisers and the designer, I had struggled to put together our spring magazine ‘Birds of Andalucía’. It became especially difficult when we learnt the magazine could not be printed due to the closure of non-essential businesses. A hasty redrafting was needed and because we knew members are currently housebound, we increased the number of pages to 28. Hopefully something that members enjoyed. The magazine can be viewed here on the website as a .pdf file.

Our magazine
Our new .pdf Spring edition ‘Birds of Andalucía’

Spare a thought for our affiliated members involved with tourism.

It is during this lockdown, that my thoughts go out to those affiliated members who very much depend on tourism for their living. Many of these members will have used the off-season to invest in preparations for the 2020 season. Many, if not all, will have been depending on revenues to keep them sustained through the high summer until autumn trade returns to peak in preparation for the usual winter closedown. Whether they provide accommodation for visitors or are wildlife guides, our members will be in a very difficult position right now.

Of course, the lockdown will eventually have to end, freedom of movement restored, shops will open, and non-essential businesses will be free to start over again. Yet those involved in the tourist industry will continue to struggle. Accommodations and guides will see only a small improvement as people will remain reluctant to travel far from home. So, the purpose of this article is to ask members to consider helping those businesses either by recommending their services or even making use of their excellent services. Perhaps a long weekend away, visit their restaurant for a meal, use the guides for a day’s birding, please give them all a thought and if you can help in anyway please do. Links to the guides and accommodations below.

Approved Guides
Some of our Approved Guides

Our wildlife guides are listed here

Our members providing accommodation are listed here

Stay safe and well.

Peter Jones.
P.S. In case anyone is wondering, I exclude myself from the above as I am now more or less retired. Thank you all.

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