A Personal Appeal to Members and Friends

Dear Members and friends,

It is with a degree of certainty, when I say that none of us would describe 2020 as having been a good year. Many of us will be struggling with the various aspects and consequences of the Covid pandemic. Lockdowns, social distancing, restrictions on our movements, loss of earnings and a host of unpleasant circumstances, that for many are culminating into a crisis of one form or another.

Yet there are also many a crisis impacting severely on our birds too. As the unscrupulous find ways to supplement their incomes, the illegal trafficking of our wild birds has never been at such a high peak or such a damaging threat to many iconic and rare birds. It is such an enormous threat to our birds, that Birdlife International are appealing for funding to fight this criminal activity.

Owl trafficking
Who doesn’t love owls? Their universal appeal just adds to the problems they face. Let’s end this illegal owl trafficking, donate!

“The shocking scale of wild bird trade is a tragedy driving many birds to extinction. With your help we can bring an end to illegal and unsustainable wild bird trade practices where we are already working in Asia and soon, in the rest of the world”. Birdlife International.

Please do visit our appeal page and donate here.

In our own small way, the Andalucía Bird Society is attempting to stand together, alongside other conservation NGO’s, to support this fundraiser and put an end to wild bird trafficking. Members will already be aware of our Global Bird Weekend participation; we have organised a fun day counting as many species as we can during our upcoming field meeting on Saturday 17th October. The idea behind the weekend is to raise awareness of the plight faced by many birds from illegal trafficking.

Love falcons? So does the illegal bird trafficker!

I know many of us are facing uncertain times and many finding these days hard. And so, it is difficult for me to ask, but please can you help us help our beloved birds and donate to our appeal for funding. Whatever you can spare will help us make a contribution to this global event and help Birdlife International end this vile trade.

Please do visit our appeal page and donate here.

Thank you for your time and understanding. I very much hope you can help us.

My very best wishes,

Peter Jones
ABS President.

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