Did you find a bird that needs help?


Observe the bird
Be sure that it really does require medical attention. The situation is mostly clear with visible injuries like wounds, bites, or broken bones. In general birds make a quick escape if humans come too close to them. If they continue to perch or lie weakened on the floor, they need help. However, the situation is different without visible injuries. Understandably, telling a sick bird apart from a healthy one can be tricky. Birds are shy animals and generally look to make a quick escape if humans come too close to them. If you aren’t sure, you should initially leave the bird where it is and observe it for a time. Remembering of course, that an injured bird can only be helped if it can be caught!

Injured Bird
Every year thousands of wild birds are found injured, sick or debilitated. These specimens require very diverse care, from mere rest and food to delicate surgical interventions, before being returned to their natural habitat. Being handled and treated is a very stressful experience for an injured bird and before you attempt to catch it, you should consider the benefits of treatment weighed against this. Our main advice is to interfere with nature as little as possible. We recommend that anyone finding an injured bird or fledgling should get in touch with a local rescue centre for Andalucía and Gibraltar featured on the homepage of the ABS Website.

David A. Pope – Public Relations Officer

Note: ‘The view expressed is that of the author and not necessarily that of the Society’.


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