How to view (or download) our magazine Birds of Andalucía online.

Sometimes technology can seem complicated, even daunting. Yet evermore it is important to understand aspects used to serve our members of ABS. Following conversations with members, we are issuing clear guidelines on how to get the best out of our website services.

Some members have experienced difficulties viewing our .pdf version of our quarterly magazine ‘Birds of Andalucía’. So here we illustrate answers to the most common questions raised by members.

1. When I try to view the online magazine it appears fuzzy and is slow to download.

It can be a problem where your computer has a slow processor and will make viewing difficult. The solution is to download the magazine as a .pdf file to your computer. Once downloaded it can be saved in a file of your choice and viewed at any time by you.

To download go to the website index found in the footer of the homepage and clearly worded – Our magazine “Birds of Andalucía”. Click on the menu item and this will take you to the magazine archives.

Select the magazine issue you want to view and click on it. Allow time for it to load in the .pdf viewer and once loaded view the menu bar beneath the magazine, written with pale grey icons. Click on the download icon (see illustration below and marked in pale pink). Once you have clicked on this download icon you should be guided to where on your computer you wish to store it. Simply save it to where you can easily find it and view at your leisure.

See the icon above marked in pink to download.

2. When I try to view the magazine online the black bar, at the top of the page stays and I keep having to scroll down to view each page.

To overcome this problem you can expand the magazine to be full screen. Just click on the full screen icon (see illustration below and marked in pale pink). This action will make the magazine full screen and to revert back to the original size just press the ‘esc’ key on your keyboard.

See the icon marked in pink above to expand the magazine to full screen.

3. I want to view each single page of the magazine and can’t do this with the current website viewer.

We have overcome this by providing a link, so click on this link: 2020 Spring ABS Magazine – view single pages

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