How to solve problems booking to attend a field meeting.

Important. All Members have, by logging into the website, access to their own data such as address and payment information. For security reasons we do not hold this safe payment information on our website, but it is saved on the Stripe Payment platform. Log In to the field meeting booking form is separate and you need to follow the guidelines set out below.

Booking to attend a field meeting.

The event booking system is a separate system with its own ID and password, which does not require the same level of security.

All booked events are registered and connected to your email address.

When you book your first event please add your log in details on the right side of the Booking form.

For your own convenience and future use, we advise:

  1. Username: use your email address (you will not forget it and it will not be changed so often)
  2. Password: use the same password as you have chosen for logging into the website (just because it is easier to remember one rather than two “ABS” passwords)

In case you have forgotten your password or forgot after booking the first event. Go to LOG IN details and just click on “Lost your Password?” under LOG IN on the right sight of the booking page.

This will bring you to a new page to reset your password.

  • Fill in your email address (ID)
  • You will receive an email with a link to reset your password
  • Follow the link in this email
  • Choose your new password
  • Close the page and go back to the events on the ABS website
  • Now you can log in with your email address and your new password

When you add your login details (email address and password) in the right part of your bookings page you will not need to add your personal details again, just the number of people and send your booking.

Note: You can also have a look at your bookings on the “My Bookings” page. If you want to cancel a booking, click on cancel and confirm.

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