Conservation Projects

ABS for People,  for Birds and Conservation

The Society is run entirely by volunteers. All of the Society’s expenses are for such things as our website, magazine and legal obligations. The net result of this is we can use available funds for contributing towards selected and sustainable conservation projects. Of course the more members we have means the more we can continue with supporting projects and giving consideration to new ones.

Depending on the size of our membership we are able to support regional conservation and preservation projects in Andalucía. Size of membership dictates the annual surplus in our budget and how much is available to be dedicated to chosen projects. So joining ABS and encouraging others to join will help us play an increasingly important role in the regional funding of projects that meet stringent conservation criteria.

There are a number of criteria we require in order for us to consider any particular application for funding. These are necessary to safeguard our funding and to ensure any project is worthwhile and long-term. We also require constant updates to any project’s current progress and specific information on how the Society’s funding is being used.

Some of the criteria we use to assess conservation projects are:

  • A demonstrable history and past results
  • Current activity and details of those activities
  • A future strategy and aims for the project
  • How the project is managed i.e. person/s responsible, volunteers etc.
  • Allow access and if possible, participation by ABS Members

Currently we are supporting 2 principle projects and are in discussions to support a 3rd.

The main conservation programmes we are involved in are:

  1. Saving the Montagu’s Harrier
  2. Water for life

News of these projects are regularly reviewed in our quarterly journal ‘Birds of Andalucía’.