Together supporting conservation

I am, like all our members, so extremely proud of the support we are able to give to various conservation projects. It has long been the aim of the Society to become a major source of assistance to regional conservation. Together our members are making a real difference.

Members and non-members have frequently asked how they might contribute. With our latest campaign ‘Caring for Nature’ we have facilitated a donation scheme. The system is easy and convenient. Under Join Us you are presented with a choice of memberships, the top button is for ‘Donation’. You are just one click away from donating to conservation. You have the choice to simply donate to our general project or choose a specific project. Donations can be made using any credit or debit card.

For non-members why not join us? You get the benefits of membership and contribute to conservation at the same time. It is certainly true, the more members we have, the more we can contribute as a Society.

To see more on the projects we are supporting see our ‘Caring for Nature‘ page.

To join or simply make a donation click here.

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