Rúppell’s Vulture v Griffon Vulture

Species: Rüppell’s Vulture – Gyps rueppellii – Buitre Moteado Polytypic. Nominate rueppellii, Sahel zone south of Sahara from Sénégal east to Sudan and south to East Africa, straggler Egypt. Extralimital: erlangeri, Ethiopia and Somalia. Rare visitor to Spain. Although a rare visitor, this species has, … Continue readingRúppell’s Vulture v Griffon Vulture

Comparative ids for Crested and Thekla Lark

Crested Lark Galerida cristata Cogujada Común Possibly the most widespread and common lark species to be found in Andalucia. Most frequently encountered in lower elevations with more open habitats, often cultivated country. Very common along coastal areas. Heavy in appearance and during the autumn and … Continue readingComparative ids for Crested and Thekla Lark