October Rarities Report. And there’s more…

Moussier's Redstart male
The wonderful and colourful Moussier’s Redstart

October 2019 is certainly proving to be a rewarding month for rarities. As if we needed any further incentives to get out and about birding!

Moussier’s Redstart  Phoenicurus moussieri  male, seen at Los Lances, Tarifa on the 13th October. Andrés de la Cruz.

Paddyfield Warbler  Acrocephalus agricola  seen and photographed at Salobreña, Granada on 27th October. Javier Gómez González

Elegant Tern  Thalasseus elegans  up to 2 birds seen regularly during October at Montijo Beach, Chipiona, Cádiz and reported by many observers.

At the time of posting we are wondering if there is time to add any other species to the month’s list? ABS Team

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