Appreciating Birds

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Sardinian Warbler
The wonderfully common Sardinian Warbler

I wonder how many times, when seeing a small brown job flying from one side of the road to other, that we catch ourselves saying ‘it’s just a House Sparrow’? Or when we see a warbler flitting through scrub we say ‘oh it’s only a Sardinian Warbler’. We must all be guilty of these throw away lines at one time or another.

House Sparrow male

And yet it is the common birds that maintains our interest, seeing birds, any birds, makes the day worthwhile. Birding is not just about the unexpected or discovering a rarity, although both are exciting. Just to be out and about with nature, seeing our birds is reward enough. The great thing about having an interest in all birds is they are around wherever you might be in the world and add interest to being in the great outdoors.

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