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Our archives contain all articles written by members and friends of the Society.  Most of the articles will also have been published in our member’s quarterly magazine ‘Birds of Andalucía’.  The subjects are mostly related to birds, but other areas of general interest, fauna and flora are also included.
For our member’s convenience the archives have been arranged in indexes so that topics of interest can be found more easily.

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We are fortunate to have in our midst a number of members who enjoy producing articles of interest for publication.  If you, like them, would care to donate an article for inclusion in our archive’s library, please send your copy by email attachment to the Society (abs.sociedad@gmail.com) clearly stating your name and contact details.  We will accredit your name for any published articles on this website or our quarterly magazine.  We hope all authors interested in the Society will help to create to this ever improving and growing resource.

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About Birds

During a three day whirlwind tour in September I saw a change of scenery for me with a visit to Malaga covering La  Serranía de Ronda and inland Malaga area. I was guided by Peter Jones, the ABS President (who ...
Wintering birds in the Serranía de Ronda increased as temperatures in northern Spain plummeted. An annual event here, with many birds finding refuge in the temperate areas surrounding the southern most outpost of the Baetic System of mountain ranges. Involved ...
‘You want to watch birds in a city? Why? You’ll see only pigeons!’ I have been hearing these kinds of comments all my life and nowadays I allow myself a wry smile. Don’t just think that city dwellers without an ...

Birding Sites

Given the popularity of nearby La Janda, it seems surprising that relatively few birders explore the area between Medina Sidonia and Benalup despite a host of interesting species.  Superficially, the track along the Corredor Verde dos Bahias seems to offer ...
I imagine that if you mention the Costa del Sol to the unknowing and the ill-informed, they conjure up a vision of sandy beaches, lots of concrete and fish and chips. And yet, just a short drive away, you can ...
Like so many others, I was first introduced to this wonderful site (which a lesser man might have kept to himself) by Peter Jones. Quite simply of all the many places I’ve taken birding friends to visit in western Andalucia, ...

Comparative Field Guide

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I am, like all our members, so extremely proud of the support we are able to give to various conservation projects. It has long been the aim of the Society to become a major source of assistance to regional conservation ...
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Spain is, without doubt, a geographical haven for a diverse spectrum of wildlife. The Iberian Peninsula as a whole is blessed with more than 68,000 animal species, representing over 50% of the species present in the European Union and with ...
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A paradise for birds in Andalusia´s heart This is the name given to the location where the bird ringing station is located, and it is a smallholding of private property, aware of the social and environmental importance of ornithology, experts ...
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My Local Patch

img 9721 hoopoe
It was when a birder commented on one of my photographs that they would not have associated a Crested Tit Lophophanes cristatus with Marbella, that I started to think about the wonderful birdlife that we are blessed with here on ...
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Visit Reports

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