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Helping a wild bird in need

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About Birds

At the beginning of spring, I am often struck by the thought I might be a strange old birder or more than a little weird as I get impatient, anxious, and more than a little excited at the prospect of ...
Andalusia is packed full of beautiful towns and mountain villages usually surrounded by a pristine natural habitat and full of old-world romance. The Arab whitewashed hamlets of the south where an enchanting world of Moorish charm awaits visitors who travel ...
A good a place as any to start with this brief article is to note the name change to both the common and scientific names, so I present to you in all its glory the Western Orphean Warbler Curruca hortensis, ...

Birding Sites

Within the heartlands of Andalucía, nestling within Malaga Province, is a wilderness of outstanding natural beauty and importance. The Serranía de Ronda is a jewel in the crown of natural Spain and is one of the many spectacular wildernesses of ...
Unless they’re very fortunate and live near a ‘hotspot’, birders often tend to neglect their immediate surroundings in favour of heading off to a more distant locality where a good range of species can be more reliably found.  With various ...
Where to watch birds in Andalucia is a feature article we hope might be appreciated by members both resident and those visiting here. This regular feature, in collaboration with John Cantelo and others, will be dedicated to a single birding ...

Comparative Field Guide

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Olive Grove
EL OLIVAR. ¿EL OCASO DEL CAMPO ANDALUZ? Desde niño, mi entusiasmo, curiosidad y amor por la naturaleza se fueron forjando a orillas del Guadalquivir, a su paso por la provincia de Jaén. En este sentido, puedo decir que fui un ...
As spring approaches our birding lives are dominated by one thing – migration.  Migration is a physically demanding time, and the birds must have stored enough fat (energy) for them to make it through to their breeding grounds.  Many of ...
Spain is a big country, the second biggest in Europe and this size is reflected in the diversity of its topography, climate, geology and ecology. From true desert to sub-tropical cloud forest and baking lowland plain to high alpine glacier, ...


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My Local Patch

Olvera 001
North of Ronda lies my village of Olvera, my local patch; from here I travel west to Campillos and Fuente de Piedra, east to Arcos de la Frontera, north to Osuna and south to Montejaque.  Olvera is a large village ...
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I am lucky enough to live near the pretty white village of Frigiliana which overlooks the sea from the foothills of the Axarquia, a region of high sierras, to the East of Malaga. As a boy I remember reading my ...
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La Rondeña sits on a ridge in the Sierra Cabrera, a range of hills some fifty kilometres north east of Almeria city. Patchwork, it’s always been a facet of birding that I’ve enjoyed. There’s something rather satisfying about working your ...
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Visit Reports

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