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We are fortunate to have in our midst a number of members who enjoy producing articles of interest for publication.  If you, like them, would care to donate an article for inclusion in our archive’s library, please send your copy by email attachment to the Society (abs.sociedad@gmail.com) clearly stating your name and contact details.  We will accredit your name for any published articles on this website or our quarterly magazine.  We hope all authors interested in the Society will help to create to this ever improving and growing resource.

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Helping a wild bird in need

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About Birds

Widespread and common, this stocky and robust owl is perhaps familiar to many of us in Andalucía. Although, with its wonderfully camouflaged plumage it can easily escape being seen by our casual observations whilst we travel throughout our surrounding countryside ...
I pull into the parking area of the field centre near the small town of Sorbas in Almería province and as I get out I see a figure approaching with a sense of urgency from an area of shrubs. He ...
Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava are without doubt a complex species and cause of much confusion when determining race. Here in the southern most reaches of the Iberian Peninsula we are able to witness several races, both during spring and autumn migration. The ...

Birding Sites

A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK. Historical notes on the Mouth of the Guadalhorce River. By David Plata. It is fascinating to explore the complexity of the impact Nature can have on our world, understanding the extent of its power is ...
You would be extremely hard pressed to find another area within the whole of Europe as good as Andalucía for birdwatching. Its great diversity of habitats translates into such an array of birds, not to mention other wildlife, that frequent ...
The Delta Birding Festival is the most prestigious nature event in the Mediterranean and the annual meeting point for ornithologists and naturalists. A festival where you can share your passion for birds and nature, and also to promote their conservation ...

Comparative Field Guide

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"In order to raise money for the Andalucia Bird Society, we are selling a series of notebooks on Amazon and all the royalties from sales we will donate to ABS to support the fantastic conservation work they do. The notebooks ...
We are proud, as a Society, to be once again supporting Global Birding for their upcoming 'Global Bird Weekend'. The event for 2021 is in support of Birdlife International's appeal for their project to protect wetlands and migratory birds, an ...
Montagu's Harrier
Montagu's Harrier Project Aguiluzo Cenizo, the Montagu's Harrier project, there has been a 100% increase in the number of protected nests. There are good numbers of chicks in the hacking project, the book on Sacapuntas (a female raised by the ...


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My Local Patch

We all know that Andalucía is a great place to be a birder. But there are some misguided fools, who live here or visit in order to whack a small white ball, into a very small hole, on very big ...
/ My Local Patch
How quickly we become blasé about the birds we once considered exotic! When we first arrived in Andalucía I got Tom (my husband) to abandon the car in Arahal high street for me to jump out and take a photo ...
/ My Local Patch
The map below shows the location of my local patch between Fuengirola and Benalmádena, about 20 kilometres westwards of Málaga along the A7 autovía. It sits on the lower slopes of the foothills of Sierra de Mijas, its higher, northern ...
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The availability of high quality digital cameras, coupled with the computer processing options that follow, provide many outlets for the pictures produced.  This has enticed many nature enthusiasts to start recording their own experiences and views of birds, animals and ...
/ Photography
INTRODUCTION This is the first of a projected series of articles aimed at providing background information and techniques to help novices and those with some experience to obtain high quality photographs of wildlife, birds and animals, as well as plants.  ...
/ Photography
alpasin-img 6993
In September 2013 I was fortunate enough to visit Agustin Perez Amil and his wonderful collection of hides labelled under the name of Alpasin Ecotourismo. Located in the Sierra Morena area, close to Adamuz, these hides give visitors like me ...
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Visit Reports

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Birders might not immediately think they need to know much about maps. We tend to know our best local birding spots and there is of course the ABS network to tap into. If all else fails there are also books ...
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Portrait of a Wilderness In the Spring 2013 edition (Volume Two, Issue Two) of Birds of Andalucía, a small panel on P15, headed ‘Did You Know?’, pointed out the fact that there is no obvious physical recognition anywhere of the ...
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