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Welcome to ABS

Andalucía is one of the most important and diverse regions for birds in Europe. The Andalucía Bird Society provides resident and visiting bird watchers with support and information that is unrivalled for the region and is the largest dedicated bird society in this region. Benefits for members include monthly field meetings, led by professional bird guides, bimonthly newsletters and our own regional bird checklist, plus of course our flagship quarterly magazine ‘Birds of Andalucía’.

Our Field Meetings

Field meetings are held every month of the year for our members, they provide wonderful opportunities with professionally led birding days and we welcome bird watchers at all levels of expertise, from beginner to the expert. The meetings are always well attended and provide great birding, fun and a chance to share a day with likeminded and friendly people. Visitors to the region should consider joining the Society and benefit from these meetings, learning how best to find those regional birding hotspots from those with local knowledge.

Our Checklist

Each member will receive a free pocket size copy of our Systematic List and Checklist ‘Birds of Andalucía’

Birds of Andalucía

Our Quarterly Magazine. Free to members, with a lot of information covering all aspects of bird watching.

Birders Accommodation

Affiliated Members – These are individuals or organisations that provide services that cover areas such as car hire, horse riding, bicycle hire, restaurants, accommodation etc. that will be of interest to other members and prospective visitors to Andalucia.

approved-guide web small  Approved Guides

These are individuals that are not only experts in their chosen field but are also extremely knowledgeable about the area of Andalucia that they cover. Most of our current Guides are Birding Guides but some of them cover other areas of expertise as well. The Society is keen to extend the number of Approved Guides that are able to provide services in the areas of walking, birdwatching, botany, entomology or general nature tours.

ABS for people, for birds and conservation

The Society is run entirely by volunteers. All of the Society’s expenses are for such things as our website, magazine and legal obligations. The net result of this is we can use available funds for contributing towards selected and sustainable conservation projects. Of course the more members we have means we can continue with supporting projects and give consideration to new ones.