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All guides listed here have fulfilled the criteria for and qualified to participate in The Professional Bird / Wildlife Guides Certificate. For details of the requirements to qualify for this certificate please follow this link.

Certificated guides provide a series of guarantees for prospective customers, giving peace of mind for those requiring their services.

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Important Note: Please be aware that ABS is providing the Approved Wildlife Guide list in good faith.   Although we have made our judgements about the Guides included in the Approved Wildlife Guide list based on information and commitments provided in writing and verbally by those Guides and we have endeavoured in good faith to ensure that the Guides have been truthful ABS cannot be absolutely certain about their truthfulness or competence and therefore ABS cannot be held accountable for their actions or their conduct.

Peter Jones

Based: Ronda – Málaga Province
Areas covered: Nature day tours in the Serranía de Ronda and Sierra de Grazalema. Peter also leads and guides nature tours worldwide.
Bio: Peter has had a lifetime involved with the science of birds (for over 40 year) and loves to share his experience. Peter is at ease with beginners to expert. His passion and easy-going nature makes for an unforgettable day with his birds and mountains. His knowledge of the local area and it’s fauna and flora just adds to the enjoyment of a day in his company.
Telephone: +34 616 891 359
Website: and

Mick Richardson

Based: Loja / Huétor Tajar – Granada Province
Areas covered: Wildlife day tours in Western Granada Province and longer tours in all parts of Spain. Also guides in Morocco.
Bio: Although a specialist in Birds, Mick’s knowledge of Wildflowers, Orchids, Dragonflies and Butterflies makes him an all round naturalist.  His day tours around the area Sierra Loja and Cacín Valley are extremely popular and well supported as are longer 8 day tours in Andalucia. A member of ABS and SEO, Mick also has recently been leading and guiding tours in Morocco. A popular guide at ease with both beginner and expert alike.
Telephone: +34 670 861 731

Manuel Mojarro

Based: Corrales – Huelva & Seville provinces
Areas covered: Tours to Doñana, Odiel Marshes and Sierra de Aracena and Sierra Norte in Seville. Also bird holidays to the Extremadura, Tarifa and Southern Portugal.
Bio: Manu is a wildlife enthusiast almost since birth and has a wide experience as group leader and heritage expert, organising professional birdwatching trips since 2004. Besides, he usually participates in local bird ringing and tracking as a volunteer: Manu loves his homeland and loves to show it to others!.
Telephone: +34 676 894 674

José Luis Sánchez Balsera

Based: Ubeda, Jaen Province
Area covered: Jaen Province- The Sierras of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, The Sierra of Andujar, The Sierra of Magina, the steppes of Southern Jaen.
Bio: Former regional biologist for the sierras of Jaen and publisher of several papers on related issues, José Luis guides with formidable knowledge and an instinctively keen eye. A naturalist with profound understanding of the life and lore of the province.
Telephone: +34 626 700 525

Frank Hair

Based: Olvera, Cadiz Province
Area covered: Málaga, Cádiz and Sevilla Provinces. From full day tours to full weeks birdwatching from the luguna de Medina to Fuente de Piedra and all parts in between.
Bio: Frank has been watching birds for most of his life, he started when he was 8 years old when he moved from London to south Devon. He has lived in Spain since 2006 and has found some of the best birding sites in his area. His passion for birds is a joy to others at any level of birding.
Telephone: +34 643019960


Vicente Malagon

Based: Almagro – Ciudad Real Province
Areas covered: From Half or Day Tours to several Days in Sierra de Andújar and Despeñaperros Natural Parks (Jaén Province). Also Tours in Tablas de Daimiel & Cabañeros National Parks, La Mancha Wetlands Biosphere Reserve, Valle de Alcudia Natural Park and the Steppes of Calatrava (La Mancha Region)
Bio: Working as a birding and nature guide in La Mancha & Sierra Morena, his extensive knowledge of the area and its birds allows him to offer Tours in a wide variety of habitats and a very short distance from Almagro (one of the most beautiful cities in Spain): Wetlands, Mediterranean Forest, Volcanic Fields, Deciduous Forests and the best Steppes in southern Spain.
Telephone: +34 651 880 339


Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Based: Malaga City – Costa del Sol
Areas covered: Day and week tours at Fuente de Piedra, Guadalhorce Valley, El Chorro, El Torcal, Osuna and The Strait.
Bio: Luis changed accounting for birding and nature a few years ago to make visitors to the Costa del Sol discover and enjoy our stunning nature diversity hidden beyond the beaches…
Telephone: +34 692 573 229

Laury Grenon

Based: Mazagón (Doñana) – Huelva
Areas Covered: Birdwatching and nature tours and trips to Doñana, Odiel Marshlands, Portuguese Algarve, Sierra Aracena, Sierra Grazalema, Tarifa area, and also Portuguese Algarve.
Bio: biologist formed, I started my professional life 17 years ago as an environmental educator and love so much to share sensations, love and knowledge about nature with all kind of publics that I kept in this way. I started working as a naturalist guide and lead turists groups about 13 years ago. I always integrate my knowledge about cultural heritage, social life and wild flowers of Andalusia (I worked for 3 years in the Native Plants’ Botanic Garden of Dunas del Odiel, part of the network Red Andaluza de Jardines Botánicos en Espacios Naturales, belonging to the local governmenet, Junta de Andalucía) into the natural heritage tours (birdwatching, hiking, kayaking…) and I do not forget the delicious local gastronomy as part of the amazing ressources of Andalusia.
Telephone: +34 654 865 225


William Haworth

Based: Navalvillar de Pela – Badajoz Province
Areas covered: Birding and nature tours from one day to one week in Extremadura. His main focus is birds but he is also interested in the countryside in general and orchids in particular.
Bio: After many years working as a university Principal Lecturer in Spanish, he discovered the delights of Extremadura in 2002. Then came various years split between Liverpool and Orellana, and now he now spends most of the year birding and guiding in Extremadura. A lifelong birdwatcher, he is keen to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for Extremadura with visitors whether experts or beginners.
Telephone: +34 627 161 008


Javi Elorriaga

Based: Tarifa, Strait of Gibraltar
Areas Covered: Birding & Wildlife photography day trips in the Strait of Gibraltar, including La Janda, Gibraltar, Los Alcornocales and Doñana NP in Cádiz (Sanlucar-Bonanza-Trebujena). Longer tours in Northern Morocco, Andalucia and Spain.
Bio: Javi has worked as ornithologist in the conservation of the Cinereous Vulture in the Balkans (wwf-Greece), the Lammergeier in northern Spain (FCQ), The Turkey Vulture in North America (Hawk Mountain Sanctuary), the Osprey in Urdaibai (Aranzadi SC), and the monitoring of raptor migration in the Strait of Gibraltar (Fundación Migres). He has participated in over 30 research, educational and identification papers and he is an active wildlife photographer. He lives in Tarifa since 2008 where he is birding in a daily basis and enjoys showing its wildlife and cultural heritage.
Telephone: +34 699 470 467

Yeray Seminario

Based: Tarifa, Strait of Gibraltar
Areas Covered: Birding and wildlife photography trips in the Strait of Gibraltar, Doñana and Cadiz province. Runs longer tours in Andalusia, Extremadura and Morocco.
Bio: A passionate birder and photographer, licensed wildlife veterinarian and conservationist, Yeray has worked as a field biologist and nature guide in several countries, including Belize, Panama and India. His home base is Tarifa, Cadiz, where he co-founded Birding The Strait. He offers birding and wildlife photography tours, striving enthusiastically to make every trip a most rewarding experience.
Telephone: +34 669 104 869

Manuel Morales

Based: Tarifa, Cadiz Province
Areas covered: Birdwatching, walking and Wildlife tours in Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar, La Janda Wetland, rest of Cadiz province (Alcornocales, Bay of Cadiz, Sanlucar), Doñana and Morocco.
Bio: Since he started to study Environmental Sciences in Huelva, Manuel has combined the university with volunteering for SEO Birdlife and Doñana Biological Station, in addition to working as an environmental educator in the Odiel Marshes. Later, in 2007 he became an expert ringer by the EBD (Doñana Biological Station). Since 2012 he has been managing and acting as leading guide for Birding Tarifa as well as teaching Zoology for the University of Huelva. Manuel has given numerous talks and taught courses for SEO Birdlife and worked in Doñana National Park in several bird banding and tracking projects for the Andalusian Government and Station Biological of Doñana (Glossy Ibis, Spoonbill, Black Kites, Black-necked Grebe…
Telephone:  +34 650 46 10 41

Álvaro Peral

Based: Ronda (Málaga)
Areas covered: Day trips in Ronda, Málaga, Doñana and Tarifa. Taylor-made and full tours all over Spain (Extremadura, Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, etc) and Moroccan Atlas + deserts.
Bio: Passionate about everything that moves since his childhood. Álvaro is a flexible and knowledgeable local wildlife guide who decided to give up a brilliant career as a civil engineer to share its love and knowlege of birds and Nature in 2015. With Álvaro you’ll enjoy not just birding but a whole wildlife experience in an easy-going atmosphere. Beginners to twitchers welcome! Besides his native Spanish, he speaks perfect English and French.
Telephone: +34 650 785 926
Video channel:

ABS Niki Simon

Simon Tonkin & Niki Williamson

Based: Huerta Grande – Algeciras / Tarifa, Cadiz Province.
Areas covered: Offering a complete package of wildlife tours throughout the Straits of Gibraltar, Donana, Cadiz bay, Ronda area and further afield across the East Atlantic flyway including Northern and Southern Morocco, Gambia & Senegal and beyond. Day trips also available.
Bio: Simon and Niki’s combined experience in ecotourism, conservation and the hospitality industry results in a dynamic duo, keen to offer relaxed wildlife tours for beginners and experts alike, that benefit conservation of migratory species. Collectively, they have over 30 years experience in conservation work.  Previous work with RSPB on migratory species and landscape scale conservation has instilled in Niki and Simon a passion for migration, and they are working on numerous local partnership to aid conservation of species across the East Atlantic flyway.   They work in partnership with the eco-lodge of Huerta Grande to provide a complete holiday package with great food, culture and wildlife experiences.
Telephone: + 34 665 945 992

Juan Martín Bermúdez

Based: Trebujena (near Sanlúcar) and Bay of Cádiz.
Areas covered: Nature day tours in the Doñana Natural Park, Brazo del Este, Bay of Cádiz. From two hours to one week discovering the Andalucía´s heritage, culture and wildlife.
Bio: Since 2001, Juan has been a renowned Natural Park administrator and, for a stretch of time, director of some of them. He is the founder of Salarte, member of the local group of SEO/Birdlife in Cádiz and author of the Doñana Bird Guide (2005) and a lot of environmental articles. Juan is a natural guide and a better host! Bachelor Honours of Sciences in Environmental Management, University of Wales (2001) and Master’s Degree in Natural Parks´ Management, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2006), Juan has directed Natural Parks and run numerous wildlife conservation projects. In 2012, together with other independent professionals, he founded the Fund for the Protection and Stewardship of the Salt Marsh, SALARTE; It is the only private entity that manages a Restricted Area in Andalucia and works in the running and recuperation of wetlands. In 2015 Salarte won the XIX Andalusian Environmental Award, in 2016 it received Special Mention in the XVI Andalucian Volunteer Awards and in 2017 was awarded the Andalucia-Cádiz Flag.
Telephone: +34 687959256
Email: /

Antonio Pestana

Based: Cabra – Cordoba Province
Areas covered: Antonio covers as his main area the Sierra Subbética Cordobesa. There he began his love of nature in general and birds in particular, learning from local shepherds, farmers and older naturalists. Today that hobby has become his passion and profession, accompanying anyone who wants to know more about the fauna and flora, in addition to the landscapes, in the province of Cordoba. Antonio also specialises in nightlife photography and manages photographic hides for birds in the province.
Telephone: +34 651 692 055