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In our shop you will find hundreds of essential books covering the beauty, diversity and nature of Andalucia, as well as throughout the world. Everything that we have selected is categorised so that you can easily find what you are looking for and is safely sold through the secure servers at the Amazon website. We earn a small commission for every book that is bought through the links here and that money helps to keep the forum and website up and running. YOU DON’T PAY MORE by purchasing products through us, the cost is the same as if you bought the book directly from the Amazon homepage. Thank you and we hope you enjoy browsing through the many books and other items in our Bookstore and Shop.


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Some really good books to read about birds here and where to find them. We also included a few interesting books that detail such things as migration and identification guides for the more difficult groups of birds!


51nbq9g6h4l__sl125_51v0pdxz0xl__sl125_5166ph5vgxl__sl125_Books for the travelling Birder

We have selected a fine selection of field guides and where possible books covering where to find birds on your jaunts around the globe searching for those exotic birds. If you go birding or bird watching in other destinations, you will more than likely find the book you need right here.


51xtj653pzl__sl125_51mkfs3zz6l__sl125_41edfg0fj1l__sl125_Reference Books

We have looked for books that we believe you will value for reference and research, but also you will find interesting. We have also included here references to assist photography.


416oub1qoql__sl125_51iusmvju-l__sl125_41xg0bmqfkl__sl125_Monographs, Interesting and good reading

Here you will find a good variety of interesting reading, some lighthearted and some more serious, but all are books worth having on your bookshelf. We have also offered some of the famous Poyser monographs, such fine books and always sought after.


51dcdjenxhl__sl125_51csz3nnvl__sl125_41garn93m9l__sl125_Other selected Fauna and Flora Books

We have searched to find as good a variety of quality books covering such diverse subjects as Wildflowers, Trees, Reptiles and Amphibians, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Moths and other Insects. We hope you will enjoy our choices, but as with the other catagories above, let us know if we have missed any ‘special’ title!

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We are in the process of organising various items for sale here and please check back later for details. Promotional items such as ABS Windscreen/Window Stickers, T-Shirts and Polo Shirts will appear here and also some books unable to be purchased via the Amazon store.

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NEW!! Birds of Andalucia – a systematic list and checklist. Free to members and available to the public, this is an inexpensive, but essential book to have if you live in or visit Andalucia. Birds are placed in systematic order and named in English and Spanish, with of course scientific names included. The size has been made with portability as a key to being able to take it with you in the field. The list is the most up to date list of birds in Andalucia and each bird is colour coded to give rarity or exoticia status, birds are grouped under family headings for ease of reference. Priced at an affordable and renewable sum of 2 Euro plus P&P, we hope you will add this to your ‘essential’ must have books for Andalucia! Please use contact us for your order.

libropaseosaves_webPaseos por las aves de la Serranía de Ronda by Juan Oñate García y Marta Oñate Gutiérrez.
This book aims to be a serious and as complete as possible account of the birds of the Serrania de Ronda, yet it also tries to arouse in the reader a series of positive feelings toward nature and particularly to birds. In this special corner of Spain, not yet too abused, we can still find places of unparalleled beauty. The book deals with, along with the data, feelings and experiences held by the authors, some particular aspects, and anecdotal curiousities of birds and their serrano environment. With detailed descriptions of twelve charming routes from various points of view, experience the world of birds and the secrets of this wonderful land. Finally, included are 212 species of birds. Of these, 190 have complete data sheets, curiosities, anecdotes and corresponding photographs. Price 18 Euros. Please use contact us for your order.

dvdpaseosaves_webDVD. A bird’s eye view of the Serrania de Ronda by Juan Oñate García y Marta Oñate Gutiérrez
12 routes through the most beautiful parts of this enchanting region.
A journey through the world of the birds that enables us to see them as our companions during our brief stay on this planet.
15 virtual walks that lead us on a visit to the 204 species of birds most characteristic of the Serrania.
All this plus the flight of fantasy and imagination that starts when one plays this DVD.
If you are a lover of nature and wildlife, particularly birds, then turn on your computer and relax to the gentle guitar music in the background and the spoken commentaries full of sentiment and feeling, plus information and more than 1,100 images in a visual presentation that brings one closer to the world of the birds and the landscapes of the Serrania de Ronda. Price 12 Euros. Please use contact us for your order.


Finding Birds in Andalucia by Dave Gosney
This book is for you if you want to target specific species and find out of the way places! No other book highlights the best sites so clearly and tells you exactly where to go. in such detail and with such precise maps. It is based on Dave Gosney’s earlier best selling title, Finding Birds in Southern Spain, but includes many new sites, new maps, new up to date information and GPS coordinates. Price 9 Euro plus P&P. Please use contact us for your order.


DVD. Finding Birds in Andalucia by Dave Gosney
A guide to the best birding sites and their birds in Andalucia, filmed and presented by Dave Gosney. The DVD covers 25 birding sites and over 60 species, including many specialities. The DVD has been produced in conjunction with the above book of the same title so its easy to find out all you need about every site in the film. The film runs for 78 minutes and is a great purchase for all. Price 10 Euro plus P&P. Please use contact us for your order.


Where the birds are in northeast Spain by Steve West
As its title suggests, this book is an authoritive guide to help the travelling birder to find the birds he or she most wants to see in this fascinating and birder-friendly part of Spain. It is a birder’s book that has been written by a birder with extensive knowledge of the region and an understanding of what people really want to see. It welcomes you to the land of the Wallcreeper, Lammergeier and more! Price 25 Euro plus P&P. Please use contact us for your order.


Flying Over the Pyrenees by Steve West
A part travelogue, part memoir, part ornithology, Steve West’s engaging story of a young man seeking adventure and enlightenment in a foriegn land, driven by a life long love of birds and nature, will inform and entertain in equal measure! From flying kites with larks, to necking with nightjars and soaring over the Pyrenees with lammergeiers, the author takes the reader on an intimate journey. Price 10 Euro plus P&P. Please use contact us for your order.

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