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We are delighted to announce we have donated 500 euro to support the ‘Save our Swifts’ project here in Andalucía. Thanks to our members for their very generous donations. Funds were received at field meetings throughout the year from members and another display of how generous our members are for the worthwhile causes we have chosen to support.

And our support for this project doesn’t stop with this latest donation. We will continue to collect funds for another part of the swift project that has recently been brought to our attention and involves helping the colony of Little Swift based in the harbour at Chipiona. During the last couple of years, Carlos (Carlos is an ornithologist and scientific bird ringer, from Chipiona, who has been monitoring the Little Swift colony) has noticed how the roof of the building has deteriorated where the Little Swift breeds and he fears that in the near future construction work, needed to restore the roof or change it for a new one, could damage the Little Swift colony or even destroy it.

He was thinking of doing a pilot study consisting of placing artificial House Martin nests (it is well known in the Bibliography that Little Swift parasite Hirundinidae dry mud nests) at the Fish Market building and see if they use them. In case they do, we could place some more artificial nests to secure the success of the colony once the roof restoration works begins.

Carlos has joined the SGHN’s swift project,  so we could work together for the protection of the Little Swift in Chipiona.

We were also talking about the idea of putting educational signs about the Little Swift biology, near the colony, and maybe in the future to have closer monitoring of the colony with webcams to study the phenology of the species.

And so we will continue to raise funds until the end of the year to support this extension to the ‘Save our Swifts’ project and hope our members will continue to help us with the funding. Watch our newsletters and website for further news on this essential project and other conservation/preservation programs we support.

If you would like to help us in funding the many conservation projects we support please donate via this link here.

Article: Peter Jones
Photo: SGHN


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