Conservation and your Society

The Andalucia Bird Society involves itself directly in a number of conservation projects within our region.

We proudly support these projects financially to the tune of thousands of euros.

In addition we provide logistical, technical, scientific and professional assistance where required.

These are not ‘our’ projects, but rather are the result of the hard work, dedication and passion of our Spanish friends and colleagues.

These friends and their projects are all run on a voluntary basis and to a man and woman they do this work out of love for the natural world.

There is no sense of self interest or self promotion, just a desire to protect wild birds and their habitats.

These projects are as varied as the conservationists involved in them.

From Antonio Pestana with his Project Alba working on barn owls, to Aguilucho cenizo en la Janda led by Juan Miguel Gonzalez Perea, Manuel Morales helping conserve our Montagu’s harriers to the Asociación de Amigos de la Laguna de la Janda where we’ve helped to produce an educational book on the restoration of this fabulous wetland, led by Javi Elorriaga Bts, Yeray Seminario, Pablo Ortega, Rafa Benjumea and many others too numerous to mention, for which I apologize.

But from all of us at the Andaluciá Bird Society we offer our heartfelt gratitude.

You too can play a part by joining us, enjoying days out in nature and secure in the knowledge that 100% of your membership fee goes directly into nature conservation through a legally registered charity.

If you are interested then please join us here.

Neil A Hill – ABS Conservation Officer.

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