About ABS

Officially registered and established in 2008, the Andalucía Bird Society provides resident and visiting bird watchers with support and information that is unrivalled for the region and is the largest dedicated regional bird society in southern Spain. The Society is primarily membership focused and this is reflected by benefits for members that include monthly field meetings, led by professional bird guides, monthly newsletters and our own regional bird checklist, plus of course our flagship quarterly magazine ‘Birds of Andalucía’. We are continually looking for ways to offer further benefits to members.

The Society is also the largest regional society supporting various and essential ‘Caring for Nature’ projects, so membership not only has benefits for those choosing to join us, but your joining us also helps support sustainable preservation, conservation and welfare for birds in the region.

Our objectives are: 

• To be a meeting point for international and Spanish birders to discover birds and other natural wonders of Andalucía by working together as friends.
• To encourage members, particularly younger people, to learn about ornithology, identification and the conservation of our birds through monthly field meetings, outings and the ABS magazine.
• To collaborate and to work with local partners and friends for the welfare of wild birds and to be an advocate for the protection of wild birds and their habitats in Andalucía.
• To record and study wild birds in Andalucía, both directly and through collaboration with regional and national organisations with a common interest.
• To help promote nature preservation, conservation and welfare through the dissemination of information in the form of newsletters, books and social media together with our Spanish friends.

Peter Jones
Andalucía Bird Society