A checklist for the Birds of Andalucía

The species list includes all birds known to occur or have occurred in Andalucía in the natural state during historical times. There are notable exceptions, in particular some subspecies and exotica as explained later. All species are recognised and accepted by national and regional lists, also all rarities are included only if they have been accepted by the Association of European Records and Rarities Committee. The list deals only with the autonomous region of Andalucía.

You can download this “stripped” Birdlist (24 pages) by clicking on the 3 horizontal dots in the menu under the birdlist picture and choose the option “download”.

If you prefer a hard copy of the complete Birdlist (44 pages) we can send it to you after donating €8 to Andalucia Bird Society (this includes mailing costs), please follow the link below.

The complete Birdlist has 20 more pages with a lot of information about the Andalucia Bird Society and other interesting information.

To obtain your own Birdlist of “Birds of Andalucía”, please follow the link: Birdlist

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