Birding Sites – Vejer de la Frontera a place to explore

Unless they’re very fortunate and live near a ‘hotspot’, birders often tend to neglect their immediate surroundings in favour of heading off to a more distant locality where a good range of species can be more reliably found.  With various constraints on our time this … Continue readingBirding Sites – Vejer de la Frontera a place to explore

Birding Sites – Benalup – Medina Area

Given the popularity of nearby La Janda, it seems surprising that relatively few birders explore the area between Medina Sidonia and Benalup despite a host of interesting species.  Superficially, the track along the Corredor Verde dos Bahias seems to offer good access but this route … Continue readingBirding Sites – Benalup – Medina Area

The many joys of birding in Andalucía

You would be extremely hard pressed to find another area within the whole of Europe as good as Andalucía for birdwatching. Its great diversity of habitats translates into such an array of birds, not to mention other wildlife, that frequent visitors are often surprised how, … Continue readingThe many joys of birding in Andalucía