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Our main advice is to interfere with nature as little as possible.
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New! Revised Birdlist for Birds of Andalucía

The species list includes all birds known to occur or have occurred in Andalucía in the natural state during historical times.

There are notable exceptions, in particular some subspecies and exotica as explained within the checklist.

All species are recognised and accepted by national and regional lists, also all rarities are included only if they have been accepted by the Association of European Records and Rarities Committee.

The list deals only with the autonomous region of Andalucía.

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ABS for birdwatchers

The Andalucía Bird Society is the largest regional bird society in Andalucía.
The Society provides bird watchers with all support and information one might need.
Benefits of being a member include:

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Montagu's Harrier
Helping the conservation for Montagu's Harrier with ABS and one put in an appearance for our field meeting!

ABS for birds and their welfare

The Society is run entirely by volunteers. All of the Society’s expenses are for such things as our website, magazine and legal obligations.

  • The net available funds we use for contributing towards selected and sustainable ‘Caring for Nature’ projects.
  • Of course the more members we have the better we can continue with supporting projects and give consideration to new ones.
  • To help regional bird preservation, conservation and welfare, why not donate or join us?

We need your help and support!

Stop the cruelty of illegal trapping, hunting and poisoning here in Andalucia. We need your help and support.

Because despite the good news that some of our birds are becoming more widespread and common, many more are declining, are threatened or are becoming extinct as local and national breeding species.

It is only by working together that we can succeed in our ultimate objective of securing healthy and sustainable populations of birds and their habitats.

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