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A very warm welcome to the Andalucia Bird Society web site.
Here you will find information on birdwatching in Andalucia. A great resource for exchanging and or getting information on many aspects of birding here in southern Spain. If you intend visiting this area, then an open and FREE forum allows you to contact locals on specific site or species information. Contribute to our database & conservation efforts by submitting your vacation trip reports and sighting records to the society.
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The Andalucia Bird Society now has a regular article in the free newspaper The News.  Each article is about a different bird species that you will find in Andalucia.

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, societies, organisations that might want to exchange links with us? We think we can offer their members a great resource through mutual links and able to give their members a point of contact and reference if they intend visiting Spain. Thanks, The ABS team

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Next field meeting
Our next field meeting will be held on the 16th of June 2018. Field Meeting Peñon de Zaframagon, Olvera, Cádiz Province.  All actual information you can find on the forum.
We have available online many field meeting reports, which give a huge amount of information about the various sites we have visited earlier.

Andalucia Bird Society - Annual Ordinary General Assembly - 17th January 2015
Convened at the second call on January 17th  2015 at Visitor centre, Laguna de Fuente de Piedra.

For the Committee:
Peter Jones (Vice-President), Pieter Verheij (Treasurer), Bob Wright (Membership Secretary), Frank Hair (Field Trip Officer), Brenda Jones (Magazine Editor), Linda Roberts (Acting Secretary)

Other Members: 26 in total.

Alfredo Carrasco (President), Helen Wallbank (Secretary), Luis Alberto Rodriguez (Committee member), Ruth & Trevor Hexter, Helen Selvey, Gillian Trimnell, Jurgen & Sabine Bremer, John Cantelo, Liz Young & Jeff Binks


Peter Jones opened the meeting by welcoming members and, in particular, new members.

1.    Approval of previous minutes:
The minutes of the OGM January 18th 2014 were read and unanimously approved.

2.    Approval of Accounts for 2015
- The end of year accounts for 2014 were distributed and presented.
- There is a healthy reserve of 4773,18 Euros.
- The accounts show a small deficit against budget of 181.28 Euros, partly as a result of the un-budgeted purchase of Liability Insurance.
- 50 new members joined in 2014, and 21 members did not renew. The balance of 29 new members provided less income than the optimistic budget.
- Income from advertising was 500 Euros down on both budget and 2013 income.
- Costs were 1202 Euros below budget, with mailing costs contributing 716 Euros of the saving.

The accounts were unanimously approved.

3.    Budget for 2015
- The budget plans for about 2 new members a month
- The budget from advertising is reduced by 450 Euros from last year's income because the Committee does not have sufficient manpower to seek out new advertisers. This is a time-consuming task, though it is believed that an advertising income of 3,500 Euros could be generated if more effort could be dedicated to it. The Treasurer asked for a volunteer / volunteers from the membership to take on this task and assured them that sample letters and support would be available. The Treasurer said that without an additional person to seek advertising the expected income would be 2,500 Euros and the magazine would have to be reduced.
- The budget costs for printing and mailing remain the same as the budgeted costs for 2014.
- The budgeted income for 2015 of 8,120 Euros and budgeted costs of 7,520 Euros leave a balance of 600 Euros.
The budget was unanimously approved.

The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for all his work for, and commitment to, the Society. The membership also expressed their appreciation.

Brenda Jones (Editor) asked how many new members would be required before we needed to rely less on advertising income. The Treasurer replied that it is preferable not to rely on membership fees to support the magazine.

4.   Membership Secretary
- Bob Wright explained that, since the ABS has become more aware of Liability issues, all attendees at field trips have been required to become members, and there has been a consequent rise in members not renewing, because some of those attendees may have been one-off visitors to Andalucia. However, the increase in membership had more than offset those not renewing.
- Bob asked the membership to send him information and photos for his monthly newsletters. He emphasised that photos did not have to be top quality, merely of interest.

The Chairman thanked Bob for the time he dedicates to the society, and in particular to the monthly mailing. The membership also expressed their appreciation.

5. Field Trips
- Volunteers to lead additional field trips
Frank Hair (Field Officer) said that, with growing numbers of attendees at meetings, the suggestion had been put forward of another leader taking a group around the site of the monthly meeting during the following week. So far 2 members had volunteered and he asked if other members would be able to lead such a field trip.
- Volunteers to write Field Trip Reports for the website
This is considered a valuable resource for members and visitors to the website and Frank asked for volunteers.

- Brenda Jones asked that Field Trip information be posted as far in advance as possible to allow for planning.

- Dave Hackett commented that not having information on the forum about the meeting point and attendees for the November meeting had caused issues. Bob Wright explained that it had been due to the necessity not to have more people than could be managed on the ground. Peter Jones said that it was important that the Field Officer and membership had information about members planning to attend and that the above situation should be avoided in future.

6. A.O.B

- Manuel Palomero from Five Gates Hotel, Osuna, said that discounts for ABS members are available all year (not merely for Field Trips to the area).

- Field Trip Report for the February meeting at Bonanza for the magazine
Brenda Jones (Editor) asked for a volunteer from amongst the new membership in order to give a fresh perspective. Peter Ashley volunteered.

- Advertising for the Magazine
Brenda emphasised the need for a volunteer to help with generating advertising revenue.

The Chairman thanked people for attending and closed the meeting.

Linda Roberts                                 Alfredo Carrasco
Acting Secretary                            President

January 2015

Calendar Meetings


  • June 16th - Penon de Zaframagon, Olvera
    Cadiz Province
  • July 21st - Montegu Harrier Meeting
    Cadiz Province
  • August 4th - Boat-trip, Tarifa
    Cadiz Province

We have available online many field meeting reports


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