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A very warm welcome to the Andalucia Bird Society web site.
Here you will find information on birdwatching in Andalucia. A great resource for exchanging and or getting information on many aspects of birding here in southern Spain. If you intend visiting this area, then an open and FREE forum allows you to contact locals on specific site or species information. Contribute to our database & conservation efforts by submitting your vacation trip reports and sighting records to the society.
The main site and the forum also have areas restricted to members of the society. To get even more benefits from our web activities and also be entitled to receive newsletters, quarterly magazine and attend field trips please SUPPORT US!


Our latest field meeting itinerary can be viewed on our forum, find out more follow this link
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Andalucia Bird Society in the News.  
The Andalucia Bird Society now has a regular article in the free newspaper The News.  Each article is about a different bird species that you will find in Andalucia.

Do you know of any county or national bird clubs
, societies, organisations that might want to exchange links with us? We think we can offer their members a great resource through mutual links and able to give their members a point of contact and reference if they intend visiting Spain. Thanks, The ABS team.

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As many will already know we were having problems with accepting payment for memberships using PayPal. The problems are now resolved and you can now follow the registration process and use PayPal to pay for membership. If you prefer there are alternative means by which to pay, for instance we are able to accept bank transfers, so if this is a suitable alternative for you, please contact us for further details. For clear instructions using PayPal please see ABS Forum.

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Next field meeting

Odiel-5Our next Field Meeting will be held on the 9th of May 2015. You can find all the actual information on our forum
We have available online many field meeting reports, which give a huge amount of information about the various sites we have visited earlier.
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Photographic Competition Spring 2015
The subject for the next competition is “Any birds, that can be found in Andalucia”. The best entry will cover the frontpage of our Spring edition (be careful we need a photograph in the right size A4).
The entries will be judged by a panel of experienced wildlife photographers and naturalists who will also make general comments on the photographs submitted and give tips for improvement.
2015-Winter-ABS-MagazineAs you might have noticed the winner of our Winter Photographic Competition is covering the front page of this magazine. We think that it is nice to use photographs taken by Members. For the results please follow the link "Results of ABS photographic competition"
The entries will be scored under three categories:
  1. Technical excellence of the photograph ie. focus, exposure etc.
  2. Composition and presentation of the image ie. is the image properly cropped and have offending background elements been dealt with
  3. Biological interest and challenge ie. is the subject doing something interesting and was there a challenge to obtaining the image, was the subject photographed in difficult conditions, is the subject infrequently observed.
Rules of the competition
Entries (maximum 5) must be submitted to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in a jpeg format. The final date for entry is 15th of June 2015. The decision of the judges will be final and there will be no discussion of the decisions with the entrants.
Photographs that have been previously published or entered into other competitions are not eligible.  
Entrants must be amateur photographers.  For more information and final rules please have a look at our website.
March 2015 - Gabo de Gata PDF Print E-mail

Almeria-Trumpeter-finchWhen you arrive in Cabo de Gata you know you are somewhere else! Whether you arrive through the barren semi-desert with its distinctive, sculptured, hills or the miles of plastic greenhouses along the coast, this corner of Almeria is distinctly different from the rest of Andalucía. We arrived on Friday afternoon surrounded by black clouds reaching to the ground and others turned up with tales of flooding, some even of snow in the mountains, complaining that the only birds they had seen were soggy sparrows, squelchy starlings and p.....d off pigeons. Almeria city had experienced the worst flooding in memory with underpasses being flooded to within inches of the roof. Welcome to the semi-desert of Cabo de Gata! 

Granada wildsite - Suarez's Pond PDF Print E-mail

Night-HeronThe small lagoon complex formed by marshlands, waterlogged areas and different pools that constitute the Nature Reserve of Suarez's Pond, the so-called "Charca de Suárez" in Spanish, make this place a real oasis for nature and wildlife. Located in the hearth of Motril lowlands, its present high level of conservation has been achieved as the result of selfless effort coming from some public institutions and environmental groups such as BUXUS ...

Walking with Butterflies PDF Print E-mail

Yellow-Bee-OrchidOver the years I have visited the Serranía de Ronda many times through the early spring and summer months in pursuit of my main interest which is butterflies. Hand in hand with this goes the wealth of bird and plant life this area offers, along with the stunning landscapes that adorn this region.There are many things that keep drawing me back to this area, not only my love of butterflies, but the scenery, the quiet, and the friendly people. The weather on the whole is reliable and the light fantastic for my photography. Not many drawbacks, and some great memories!    

Clive Burrows

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